Add On Data Plans from Jio for Additional Data Benefits

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There has been a massive switch in Data consumption in India both in Quality and Quantity. Thanks to the advent of 4G in Indian Telecom industry we have seen a robust growth in the internet usage.

JIO pioneered all the changes when it was introduced in 2016. But with the recent launch of 5G there is a need for more data as the internet speed has been increased 30 times more than the 4G .

If Data provided with your recharge plan is not sufficient you can use some more data. JIO offers Data only add on packs for the need of its customers.

Data Add On Plans

jio add on plans

Data Add On plans are data only plans that go with the existing recharge plan of yours. Thus these recharge plans does not provide any other benefits like Voice Calling or SMS.

Jio provides various Data Add on plans for its customers with different validity and varying benefits.

We will sort the plans based on the validity as below.

  • Monthly Add On Plans
  • Yearly Add On Plans
  • Other Plans

Monthly Add On Plans

Monthly Add On plans comes with a validity of 30 days. Jio offers three plans with a 30 days validity, the price of these plans set at Rs. 181, Rs. 241 and Rs. 301.

  • Rs. 181 Plan comes with 30 GB data for 30 days. It does not have any additional benefit.
  • Rs. 241 Plan comes with 40 GB data and it also comes with the validity of 30 days.
  • Rs.241 plan provides 50 GB data to the Jio users for the 30 ndays.
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Tarrif (Rs)ValidityData Other Benefits
18130 Days30 GBNA
24130 Days40 GBNA
30130 Days50 GBNA
Monthly Data Plans

Also note that with the monthly add on plans you can not experience 5G service.

Yearly Add On Plans

If you are a regularly consuming the daily data provided and in need of a data for the longer period you can opt for a annual plans which will reduce your bill to the considerable extend.

Annual plans are always economical and Jio provides two Annual Data Add on plans for the price of Rs. 2878 and Rs. 2998.

  • Rs. 2878 plan gives 2 GB data per day for 365 days. It being data only plan also offers 5G services to the customers in eligible locations for free.
  • Rs. 2998 plan comes with a data of 2.5 GB per day and also has the validity of 365 Days. This plan also gives free 5G data to its customers for free.
Tarrif (Rs)ValidityData Other Benefits
2878365 Days2 GB/ DayUnlimited 5G data for eligible subscribers
2998365 Days2.5 GB/ DayUnlimited 5G data for eligible subscribers
Yearly Data Plans

Jio provides free 5G data on its Yearly Add On plans only. But with the competition from other networks we can expect the same in other variants as well.

Other Plans

Other than Monthly and Yearly Plans Jio also provides other plans with different validity to cater to the need of its customers.

There are Three plans provided by Jio in this category and they are priced at Rs. 444, Rs. 555 and Rs. 667.

  • Rs. 444 Plan gives 100 GB data for its users for the period of 60 days.
  • Rs. 555 Plan is valid for 55 days and provides 55 GB data. This plan also offers subscription to Jio apps including Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio Cloud and Jio Security.
  • Rs. 667 plan is comes with a validity of 90 days and provides 150 GB data.
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Tarrif (Rs)ValidityData Other Benefits
44460 Days100 GBNA
55555 Days55 GBFree Subscription to Jio Apps
66790 Days150 GBNA
Other Data Plans


Thus Jio provides variety of plans choose from for the add on packs to fulfill the need of the different customers.

Even though the annual plans are economical in comparison it is advisable to recharge with monthly plans as you need the data.

In this way you can avoid paying bill when you do not need the data, unless you consume data regularly avoid going for annual plans.

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