Airtel offers Unlimited 5G Data for Free: How to Claim the offer

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Airtel the top Telecom Service provider in India is busy expanding its 5G network coverage to the nooks and corners of the country. Now Airtel intrduced new offer wich provides Unlimited 5G data to the selected customers for free.

Jio and Airtel the two leading Telcos in Indian Telecom sector is really competing to provide a seamless experience to the customers.

The recent battle is to increase the coverage area for 5G service through out the country. Airtel brings the number of covered cities to more than 3000.

But the content does not stop here, both the Telcos are providing various offers to its costumers for retaining the consumer and also for acquisition of new customers.

What is Airtel 5G Plus

Jio launched 4G services in India in 2016 , Airtel soon followed and introduce the 4G services. Now the updated Wireless technology is here called 5G which is 30 times faster than the current 4G technology.

5G technology will provide following benefits to the users.

  • It is Faster– The 5G data is as said above is 30 times faster than 4G, thus it will reduce the time for loading videos, downloading movies and is gives a faster browsing spedd.
  • No Lag– There is little lag even when playing high resolution videos and Games with higher resolution. This will provide smooth browsing experience.

Airtel provides 5G service in the name of Airtel 5G Plus.

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Now Airtel provides Unlimited 5G data for the specific customers. But to get the offer you need to have some things set right.

Prerequisites for Availing the offer

  • You need to have 4G enabled mobile Phone for availing 5G data. With the advent of 5G all the Mobile brands are now producing only 5G enabled mobiles.
  • 5G service is available in only selected cities at present, check the availability of 5G service in your area from the official website of Airtel.
  • If you are using the 4G SIM at present, do not worry as the 4G SIM card is already enabled for 5G.
  • Airtel provides Unlimited 5G data on plans of Rs. 249 and above. Thus make sure you have subscribed to the right pack before trying to claim.

How to Claim Unlimited 5G data

You can claim the Unlimited 5G data without daily cap by lodging into the Airtel Thanks App. Follow the below steps to claim the data.

Step_1: Open the Airtel Thanks App, If you do not have the app already installed you can download the same from Play store.

Step_2: In the Home screen of the app there is a tab “Claim Your Unlimited 5G Data”, Tap on this tab.

Step_3: The App will take you to the new page with the Terms and Conditions of the offer. It will prompt you to accept the Conditions. Read the Terms and Conditions once satisfied Tap “Claim Now”.

Step_4: If the claim is successful you will receive a confirmation message. You will get a unlimited 5G data till your current pack expires.

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Airtel with the offer of unlimited 5G data without daily data cap is trying to creates a habit with its consumers to use the 5G technology.

This will make the transformation from 4G to 5G easier for the subscribers. It is similar to the strategy used by Jio by providing free data to its customers at the beginning.

As of now it is a good opportunity for for the Airtel subscribers for testing the waters. And it is easy to claim the offer.

Whats your take on the offer by Airtel, please make a comment.

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