Difference Between SSL VS TLS Certificate

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Every website you are visiting has a security protocol that prevents hackers from accessing the data you are transferring. You might have seen the HTTPS at the beginning of the URL, it represents the website is secured with SSL/ TLS protocol.

SSL and TLS are the certificates provided to the website based on the types of security provided by the website. Thus, these certificates make sure the data you enter into the World Wide Web does not go to the wrong hand.

Each certificate has a different security protocol and encrypts data for end-to-end use. Thus, to understand the working principle and differences between SSL VS TLS VS HTTPS read the article further.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for ‘Secure Socket Layer‘ and is a security protocol through which the data is encrypted from the website server to your browser.

Moreover, SSL is the pioneer of secure data transfer via the Internet. When there was a need for a secured internet connection, the protocol was introduced in 1990s.

SSL had covered most of the website in the 1990s. But as new websites and new needs arose the new more enhanced security protocols emerged.

The history of the SSL is as follows

  • SSL 1.0 – The first security protocol created. However, it was not released for commercial use because of security issues.
  • SSL 2.0 – Released in 1995 and was removed in 2011.
  • SSL 3.0 – Released in 1996 and was removed in 2015.
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What is TLS?

Though SSL is the first security protocol provided for the World Wide Web, there was a wide range of security issues with the protocol.

Thus, to provide a better more secure web connection between the server/ Website to the browser TLS is introduced in 1999.

TLS stands for ‘Transport Layer Security‘ and is the updated more secure security protocol for internet users.

The TLS protocol had several upgrades throughout the years, each superseding the previous one in security.

  • TLS 1.1 – Released in 2006.
  • TLS 1.2 – Released in 2008.
  • TLS 1.3 – Released in 2018.

How to get SSL/ TLS certificate for a Website?

SSL/ TLS Certificate is issued by the Certificate Authority (CA). There are several Certificate Authority available, you can select the CA as per your requirements.

There are both free and paid certificates issued by the Certificate Authority. But, the process for obtaining the Certificate is simple and as follows.

  • The website owner submits a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to the Certificate Authority.
  • CA verifies the CSR and creates a digital signature on the certificate.
  • With that, the website gets the SSL Certificate. And valid certificate will be available for the website for the users.

How SSL/ TLS Security Protocol Works?

As said earlier SSL and TLS security provides an encrypted connection between the website to the browser of the internet users.

Thus, the data transfer over the internet follows the following process.

  • As the user goes for a website the browser will look for the SSL or TLS security protocol in the website.
  • If there is no certificate the browser will show an error with the ‘Website is not secure‘. Though you can visit a website without a security certificate it is advised not to.
  • If the browser finds the security certificate, it validates the certificate and creates an encrypted connection between the browser and the Website.
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SSL Vs TLS Certificate

Thus Both the Secure Socket Layer and Transport Layer Security certificates create a secure connection to the website to the website.

Though there are some minor differences in how the encryption is done, the basic difference between SSL and TLS is how the connection is made.

SSL Certificate uses ports to connect the server and the website. But in TLS the connection is made with the protocol called implicit connection.

SSL is the older security protocol used in the past and has been replaced by TLS. Thus, all the websites are now secured with the Transport Layer Security Certificate.

You can still see the websites with the SSL Certificate if you check on it. But, they are actually using the TLS certificate as the SSL certificate is long overdue now.

But, the name SSL certificate stayed on because of its popularity in the internet world.


Thus the SSL certificates are not used at present and depreciated long ago and the TLS certificates are widely used on the internet.

If you are an internet user just make sure the website you are visiting is using a secured connection before entering sensitive data.

But if you are a website owner it is imperative to get the SSL/ TLS certificates, as the browsers now block websites without such certificates. This will in turn reduce the traffic of your website.

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