How to Activate DND/ Register Preference on Unsolicited Calls/SMS?

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Do Not Disturb is a central registry created by TRAI for give the consumer power over setting preference over what type of communication they want to receive and especially what they do not want.

With the advent of internet and social media the marketing companies are easily identifying the prospect customers. Apart from these the retail marketers also using the data and sharing with the corporate for marketing.

If you are receiving lot of Messages or Calls lately from marketing companies, and want to prevent these calls read this post completely.

Thus this post will help you in preventing future communication from marketing companies.

Customer Preference Registration Facility

TRAI has created a Customer Preference Registration Facility(CPRF) for identifying what type of communication customer are interested.

Thus the people can choose what type of communication they want to receive.

There are Four types of preference communication that one can choose

  1. Catagory
  2. Mode
  3. Time Band
  4. Types of Day

Thus you can choose any combination of above choices to avail the type of communication you want to receive.

How to Register your Preference/ Activate DND?

TRAI provides various modes for registration or modifying preference for activation of DND. The following are the options provided for consumeres.

1. SMS

You can send a SMS to the designated number, Thus you can register your preference by sending short code to 1909.

The format of SMS should be Start<Space><Short Code> and send to 1909 from your mobile number.

Te Short Code list is as below

  • Start 0 : Fully Block
  • Start 1 : Banking/ Insurance Products/ Credit Cards
  • Start 2 : Real Estate
  • Start 3 : Educational
  • Start 4 : Health
  • Start 5 : Consumer Goods and Automobile
  • Start 6 : Communication, Broadcasting, Entertainment and IT
  • Start 7 : Tourism and Leisure
  • Start 8 : Food and Beverages

If you send a message with a short code, you will receive only marketing messages on that category.

For Example If you want to receive only Educational related communication from the telemarketing company. You need to send message as Start 3 to 1909.

You can also make multiple preference in single message by sending SMS like Start 1,4,7.

2. Call

You can also Call 1909 and set your preference. The call will lead you to Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), you can input your choice with the keyboard input.

The Codes are similar to the SMS Code given earlier.

3. Mobile App

TRAI released ‘DND Services’ Mobile App DND 3.0 for setting preference over SMS and Calls from Marketing.

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The App is also integrated in UMAANG App also for use.

4. Web Portal

All the Mobile Service providers are providing an option for preference selection through official Website. Thus you can make your choice through the link in the official website of your service provider.

The Mobile Number is authenticated with OTP before making selection.

DND Deregister

  • The processing of your request for DND might take upto 7 Days. Hence your preference will be added to the Customer Preference Register within a week time.
  • If you want to Deregister your preference, you can send a SMS as STOP DND to 1909.
  • But Deactivation Can be done only after 90 Days from the date of registration.
  • Deregistering DND can also be done through all other modes of registration.


Thus with the different modes of selecting your preference TRAI is making sure to provide healthy user experience in telecom sector.

You can make use of this opportunity to avoid annoying Telemarketing Calls and SMS.

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