How to block SIM Card & Get New SIM if Card Lost/ Damaged?

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Mobile phones become an essential part of our lives by providing all the information at a single touch. But the core of any Mobile phone is SIM Card, if you lose your mobile phone you are only liable for anything done with that mobile.

It does not matter whether you lost Your Mobile phone or Your SIM stopped working with wear. You can easily block the card so that no one can

Here in this article, we will give you details on what to do if you lose your mobile phone and SIM Card and How to get a New SIM.

How to Block SIM Card if Lost/ Stolen?

You might think that the purpose of SIM cards is merely to give telecommunication service. But the SIM card has more data about your communication history. And also your call history and contacts saved on the SIM.

Thus to avoid any misuse of your SIM Card it is important to Block your SIM if you lose your SIM Card.

You can Block your card temporarily or permanently as per your requirement and need. Thus to aid you we give you various modes of blocking your SIM below.

1. Block SIM Card Online

The first and Convenient way to block your SIM through Online. The telecom service providers provide a sophisticated link for blocking SIM Card on their official website.

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You need a valid Indentification Proff and Alternative mobile number submitted during the purchase of SIM for online processing.

Though the Online mode is easy to access but it is a time-consuming process. Thus to avoid any further delay in the process of SIM deactivation you can go for the other modes.

2. Block SIM Card through Customer Care

The other way to Block your lost SIM is through the Customer Care Toll-free Number. It is the quickest way to Block your SIM if it is lost and most recommended.

You can Block the SIM with the following SIM Card

  1. Call the Customer Care of your Service provider on the specific Number provided in the Official Website.
  2. Choose an option to speak to the customer care executive as it will be a seamless process.
  3. Once connected with the executive you can make your case to him.
  4. The executive will verify your Identity with your ID Proof and the secondary Number.
  5. Once verifying your Identity the executive would block your SIM.

3. Block SIM by visiting the Retail Store

If you are not interested in the above methods and want to block your card by direct contact. You can visit the nearest retail store of your service provider and make a request for blocking your SIM.

This is a conventional mode and more effective as the physical verification of your Identification is quicker than the online verification.

Thus you need to take your Identification Proof (Preferably Aadhaar Card). Also write a request letter for the blocking of your card.

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The agent would verify your identity and get a request for blocking of your SIM.

Thus with the completion of verification of all the details, the agent will disable your SIM instantly.

How to Get a New SIM with the Same Number?

Most people believe that if the SIM is blocked they would lose the Mobile number. But that is not the case, if you are the rightful owner of the number you can get the same mobile number.

The process for getting a new SIM card is simple and easy.

You can do the following steps to get a new SIM

  • Visit the Nearest Retail Store or your Service Provider. If you have blocked your card by visiting the store you can do the following steps at the same time.
  • Take a Photocopy and Original of your Aadhaar Card and a Request Letter for a New SIM Card.
  • Submit the documents to the agent at the store. The Agent will verify the documents provided by you.
  • Upon successful verification of your Identity and ownership, the agent will provide you with the New SIM.
  • The New SIM comes with your original Number and will be activated within 48 Hrs from the issued date.


Blocking a lost or Damaged SIM Card is an important part as any activity on the SIM card will bring the repurcation to the rightful owner.

Thus it is important to block your SIM at once if you notice it Missing. Though there is an option for temporary blocking it is advisable to completely block your SIM to avoid any miss use of the Card.

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Also you can get a new SIM Card by paying a small fee and a simple process.

We hope this article helped you and for more information contact us.

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