How to Change the SIM Card ownership?

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SIM card is the essential part of a Mobile Phone and gives access to the entire world with the service provider. And the owner of the SIM is liable for everything done with that number. Thus you should know how to transfer your SIM ownership from one individual to another to avoid any consequences.

Read the article complete for understanding the responsibility of the SIM Card owner and how to transfer the ownership from one to another.

Who is the SIM Card Owner?

The basic thing about the SIM card most people does not know is Who is the SIM Card owner. As it is the important part of this post we will give you who will be adjudicated as the owner of the SIM Card.

The SIM Card owner is the one with whose Identification proof the SIM is purchased from the Service Provider.

Note that even you do not use the SIM Card, you will be legally liable for anything done with the SIM Card if you are the one who purchased.

Thus the SIM Card Ownership is a major factor for all the communication made via that specific SIM.

Why there is a Need for SIM Card Ownership Change?

The reason for change of SIM Card Ownership can vary according to the requirement of the parties involved. But the both the parties should acknowledge and willing to make the change of Ownership.

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The Common scenarios on which you can avail Change in SIM ownership are below.

  • Parents who purchased SIM card on their name for a minor child. As the child becomes major it is advisable to change the ownership of the SIM to the respective person. This will be helpful for managing the SIM card in the future by the user of the SIM Card.
  • Person selling the Fancy Number must change the ownership of the SIM Card before exchanging the Card with the receiver.
  • Changing the Ownership of the office contact number. In small offices the SIM Card is purchased for office use. But when the owner of the SIM is transferred to other location or leaving the office for any other reason, the owner should change the Ownership of SIM Card with the existing employee.

How to Change the SIM Card Ownership?

sim card ownership change

Changing or Transferring a Ownership of SIM Card is a simple process and can be completed with these easy steps.

In reality the Steps to Ownership Change might have a slight variations based on your Service Provider. But the essence of the procedure remains the same for all the service providers in India.

Step 1: Consent from Both the parties

The first Step to get the consent of the parties involved ie., both Transferer and Transferee. Both of them must be willing to transfer the SIM Card between them.

Step 2: Collecting Identification Proof

Once both the parties acknowledge for the transfer of SIM Card, the next step is to collect Identification proof from both the parties with the Self Attestation.

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Step 3: Submitting Request Form/ Letter

The Next step is to visit the Dealer of your Service Provider Near You. Both the parties should visit the center together. You can get the details of Nearest Dealer in the official website of your service provider.

Service providers also providing online facility for SIM Card Transfer. But it is advisable to get the help of the dealer as this will safeguard you from any mistakes and consecutive rejection of your application.

Upon Getting the application from the Dealer, fill all the details carefully and submit application duly filled to the dealer.

Step 4: Getting a New SIM Card

Upon verification all the details and the Identification provided the Service provider will process your request.

Once the verification is successful the new SIM card will be issued to the receiver of the SIM Card.

The process may take 2 to 7 Days for completion.


Changing A SIM card ownership is a simple quick process which can be completed within days. But the importance of transferring SIM from one person to another is immense to avoid any legal issues in future.

We hope this Blog is helpful for you. For further queries comment below we will answer it at once.

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