How to Reduce Your Mobile Bill? Simple Tips and Tricks

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Mobile Bills in India are cheap when compared to other countries and provide better service with these plans. However, it does not mean that you can randomly select any plan and use services without monitoring.

Thus you can reduce your mobile bill with the proper study of your usage and preferences. Moreover, this will reduce your spending and can save a lot of money over time.

Here in this post, we will provide you with simple tips and tricks to reduce your mobile bill. Read the article completely and learn to save your money.

How to reduce your Mobile Bill?

Telecom Service providers provide a wide range of services at different rates targeting different customers. Thus choosing the correct plan suitable for you will help you reduce the monthly bill.

You can implement the following two principles to reduce your mobile bill.

  1. Choosing the Right Mobile Plan
  2. Choosing the list of services required

We will elaborate both below and will provide an insight on how to utilize these principles.

Choosing the Right Mobile Plan

The basic mistake everyone makes while selecting a mobile plan is to go for a low-rate mobile plan among the options.

You might wonder what is wrong with selecting a low-rate mobile plan. Though it might seem economical, these plans come with a lesser validity.

Thus in the longer term, the low-value plans will become costly as the per-day cost of the plan will be higher than the long-term recharge plans.

For Example, Airtel plan with Unlimited Voice calling and 2 GB per day plan for 28 Days costs Rs. 299 and the plan with the same benefits with a validity period of 56 Days costs Rs. 549.

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The simple way to find the cheaper plan is to calculate the per-day value of the plan. The process is simple Divide the Price of the Plan by the validity of the respective plan the plan with the smaller per day value is cheaper for consumption.

per day value calculation mobile bill

Per day value calculation on Mobile Bill

Though subscribing to the longer plan is cumbersome it is worth it in the long run as you can save more on longer plans.

Choosing the Services Needed

The other factor with largely affects your bill is the services opted for by you in your subscription. The mobile network service providers are now providing multiple services other than voice calling and SMS.

For example, the telecom service providers in India provide the following services with the mobile plan

  • Internet Service
  • Video Streaming Services
  • Subscription to online websites
  • Vouchers for E-Commerce Websites
  • Etc.

As the services are bundled with the recharge plans you might unknowingly pay extra for these services. Thus read the additional benefits of the plans before subscribing to them.

For example, if you do not want Online Streaming Service you can opt for the plan without that service. This will reflect on your bill in a positive way and you can save more money.

Tips for reducing the Mobile Bill

The above-said two methods will help you find the right plan for you that comes with the right combination and is cheaper.

But the mobile bill not only depends on the plan, it ultimately depends on the consumption pattern of the user.

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Thus use the following tips to monitor your usage and prevent your mobile bill from skyrocketing.

  • If you are a heavy consumer of the Internet for Video Streaming, Gaming, or your work then it is better to go for a WIFI plan.
  • The WIFI is also suitable for multiple people in the family. This will reduce the bill of every family member. Though you are paying an extra amount for the WIFI plan, you can save on the combined bill amount of everyone.
  • Monitor your data usage and restrict overspending of your internet data on specific activity.
  • Most of the mobile plans come with the Daily Data Limit, thus you can make a large file download in part over several days if it is not urgent.
  • Always use approved and safe Mobile Apps to avoid misusing data and also you can avoid online fraudsters.


Mobile bills are utility bills and are essential in the modern life of an individual. Hence you can not avoid the Mobile Bill, but you can reduce and pay the optimum amount for the service that you require.

These savings might look smaller in scale as we are seeing things on a monthly basis. But over time for every family member, these savings can become a fortune.

We hope this post is helpful and for any queries feel free to contact us.

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