International Roaming Prepaid Plans from Airtel

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International Roaming plans provides easy and affordable communication connection for the people who travel around the world.

As you can keep your same phone number throughout the journey

Airtel the top Telecom operator in India has a variety when comes to the customer satisfaction. Apart from providing top class service through out the country, The telco is providing various recharge option plans for the customers.

These plans are carefully curated for the customers from different base with the varying requirements. One such facility provided by the teleco is International Roaming plans provided.

Airtel provides attractive International Roaming Scheme for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers. Both comes with the different benefit to the customers and covers 184 countries.

In this article we will cover the prepaid plan provided for the customers.

International Roaming Plans

International Roaming specially curated plans for the people who are travelling abroad.

But to enable the International Roaming one should subscribe to the curated International Roaming pack.

If you fail to subscribe to the International Roaming plan, you can also activate the Roaming facility by calling the Airtel Call center or through the Airtel Thanks App.

Customers can also avail International Roaming services by sending SMS in the format IRSTART or IRSTOP to 121.

But if you enabled a IR services without subscribing to the International Roaming plan, the standard charges will be deducted. This charges are in the long run is more than what IR plans cost.

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Thus it is advisable to subscribe for International Roaming plans.

International Roaming Plans

Airtel now provides 6 International Roaming prepaid plans for the customers rated at Rs.649, Rs.755, Rs. 756, Rs. 899, Rs. 2997 and Rs. 2998.

Each plan with different benefits to its customers. And also the plan benefits vary according to the country of stay.

For charging the customers the countries are separated into two groups Set 1 and Set 2.

The list of the countries are as below.

roaming countries set 1
roaming packs set 2

Rs. 649 Plan

Rs. 649 plan 500 MB data and 100 Minutes Talktime and 10 SMS and is valid for 1 day in the Set 1 Countries.

The plan in Set 2 Countries provides 250 MB data and 50 Minutes Talktime and 5 SMS and is valid for 1 day.

Rs. 899 Plan

Rs. 899 plan provides 1GB data and 20 SMS along with the 100 Minutes Talktime in the Set 1 countries with a validity of 10 days.

The plan in Set 2 countries provides 500 MB data and 10 SMS and 50 Minutes talk time valid for 10 Days.

Rs. 2998 Plans

Rs. 2998 Plan comes with the validity of 30 Days and provides 5 GB data, 200 Minutes talk time and 20 SMS in the Set 1 Countries.

The plan in Set 2 Countries provides 100 Minutes talk time along with 10 SMS and 2.5 GB data.

Rs 2997 Plan

Rs. 2997 Plan is valid for the period of 1 Year and features 2GB data, 20 SMS and 100 Minutes talk time in Set 1 countries.

In Set 2 countries the scheme provides 10 SMS, 1 GB data and 50 Minutes talk time and is valid for 365 days.

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airtel roaming plans comparison

Rs. 755 and Rs. 756 Plans

Airtel apart from providing standard roaming packs also provides Data and Voice Top Up Plans

  • Rs.755 plan is a Data Top Up Plan that provides additional 5 GB data for 5 Days.
  • Rs. 756 plan comes with the additional voice top up for 5 days and provides 100 Top up talk time Minutes.
topup roaming plans


Thus Airtel with a tie up with the foreign telecom entities providing best coverage all around the world. It is really a blessing for the people who do travel abroad more consistently.

The International Roaming plans are right for the people who does not want to use the new number for each country they are visiting.

These plans are economical and is easy to subscribe through various modes. Just pick the right schemes for you as per your requirement before planning a trip abroad for seamless experience.

The images used are given for informative purpose and is provided Courtesy of Airtel website.
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