Prepaid Vs Postpaid SIM- How to Choose a best Connection?

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If you are looking for a new mobile connection, you might want to understand the difference between prepaid vs postpaid SIM. Though both Prepaid and Postpaid works the same in usage, they differ how the billing is done.

There are other minor differences between prepaid and postpaid. Thus it might be confusing to choose between the two.

But reading this article will help you in finding the suitable connection best suited for you.

What is Prepaid SIM Connection?

In Prepaid connection plans the money is paid before the service is provided. Thus you can choose what kind of services you want and pay for that specific service alone.

In other words you can choose a plan that suits you for your current needs like data and voice calling. But you have to pay the cash while choosing the plan and duration of the plan.

What is Postpaid SIM Connection?

The Postpaid Connection is 0pposit to that of Prepaid. Thus in Postpaid as the name suggests you pay your bill after receiving the service.

But usually the monthly bill amount is fixed whether you use the network or not. As this is in favour of the service provider, there are additional benefits are given for the subscription of postpaid.

Prepaid Vs Postpaid: Differences and Comparision

The following are some of the basic differences between the Prepaid VS Postpaid.

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DescriptionYou make advance payment for getting service required from the Service provider.First you utilize the service of the SIM then you pay the bill amount.
ContractThere is no contract as you are paying the amount and utilize the service equivalent to the amount.There is a contract between the customer and service provider for payment of bill after getting the services.
Billing periodPrepaid Connection does not have a billing period as you can make a recharge for any amount of time before.Postpaid connection comes with a billing period on which you make payment regularly.
Recharge OptionsCompared to the Postpaid Connection Prepaid connection have lot of recharge plans. Thus you can select plans with variety of services and duration as per requirements.Postpaid Connection have a limited plans for subscription compared to Prepaid.
Premium ConnectionPrepaid connection comes with the variety of plans, thus you have to look for a premium connection for availing extra benefits.Generally Postpaid connections are Premium connection and comes with extra benefits.
PricePrepaid connections comes with lot of price options for customers. Thus as per your requirements the price of the plan can be selected.Pospaid plans are as said earlier are premium plans. Hence the price of Post paid plans are expensive than the prepaid plans.
Additional BenefitsThere are no additional benefits are provided with the Prepaid connection unless mentioned in the plan.The Postpaid connection comes with lot of additional benefits like Unlimited calling, voice data. Also some plans are providing streaming services, additional customer support, etc.
UsageYou can use the prepaid connection till the expiry of the Recharged Plan.The services will be discontinued if the previous bill is not paid. Thus the account is inactive till you pay the dues.
Legal AspectsYou are not legally bound, and you can stop the recharge and stop using the networkEven you do not use your connection, unless you informed your service provider you have to pay the bill for every month.
Changing PlansYou can easily change your plan by recharging to the new plan as per your choice.You have to inform your operator well before the current billing cycle ends for migration into new plan.
Switching NetworkIf you are not satisfied with the service provider, you can switch to another service provider any time you want.You have to clear all your dues and make payment for the current billing cycle before switching to new operator.
Prepaid Vs Postpaid: Differences and Comparision

Prepaid Vs Postpaid: Which is best?

Thus in comparison Prepaid might look good and it is if you are not a heavy user of mobile network. The prepaid service provides all the services and you can select what service you want and how much you want and can pay for that alone.

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Hence it will in turn reduce your bill and for a normal users this would be enough.

In Postpaid there is no such options as you are making payment for all the services that comes with the plan even you do not utilize it.

But postpaid connection provides you with so much additional benefits. If you require all these benefit then it will be wise to go for Postpaid connection rather than prepaid.

As if you subscribe for the services provided in Postpaid plan individually in prepaid connection, there will be heavy billing in prepaid connection.

Thus the best connection if you compare Prepaid VS Postpaid is based on the need and subscription habit of the consumer.

If you need more services at low price choose Postpaid. And if you want less services at moderate price Prepaid would be suitable for you.


We have provided the main differences and Comparision of Prepaid VS Postpaid.

Both Postpaid and Prepaid have their own pros and cons but choosing is a simple process as given below.

The best way to choose the plan is to taking all different plans available with the service provider and comparing it with your requirements.

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