What is 5G Technology? 5G vs 4G Technology Comparision

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The hype is Higher in the Indian telecom industry with the launch of 5G Technology by Jio and Airtel. There has been a transformation in the Mobile Manufacturers from the 4G phones to 5G Phones

But what really changed with the 5G compared to 4G, and how will this change the consumer’s life in a good way? This post will give you a brief comparison for understanding the new Technology.

Evolution of Mobile Network Technology

The evolution of Mobile Network Technology over the years is as given below.

  • 1G: First Generation- Analog Telecommunication i.e., the communication is done with the analog radio signals. It only has voice communication.
  • 2G: Second Generation – 2G technology introduced digital mobile communication replacing analog signals. 2G introduced data transfer between mobile by providing SMS, MMS facilities.
  • 3G: Third Generation – 3G Technology provides Mobile Internet facilities with a significant speed to attract more consumers towards mobile data.
  • 4G: Fourth Generation – 4G introduced the mobile Broadband Internet that provided high-speed internet which was only available through wired broadband connection.
  • 5G: Fifth Generation – The upgraded version of 4G with higher internet speed minimum data loss and higher security.

How 5G Network work?

4G vs 4G Network Technology Comparision

The 4G Network connections are limited to the Middle and High-range radio wave frequency. But, the 5G can utilize more bandwidth capabilities than the former mobile technologies.

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Thus, the 5G network can utilize all band of Radio waves from from the lower bandwidths to all the way up to millimeter waves.

Thus with the lower spectrum of frequency, the 5G can provide data at a higher speed than the previous technologies.

The signals are transmitted through the mobile network antenna with a higher capacity than the 4G network antennas.

Benefits of 5G

The 5G adaptation in the country is happening in full fledge, but what is the rush for it? We here will give you the benefits that come with the introduction of 5G to the public as well as the Government.

1. Higher Speed

5G Network is the fastest wireless connection available now. Moreover, it is 10 to 20 times faster than 4G. Thus, it will be beneficial for people with better download speed, Streaming videos, and Gaming.

2. Internet of Things

The Important benefit of 5G apart from connecting mobile phones, the network can be utilized in connecting the Internet of Things (IoT).

The sectors it can be utilized include Medical and Health care, Automation, Robotics, MSME’s, etc.

3. Better Service Coverage

As the 5G operates in a wide range of bandwidth, it can connect the more unreachable landscape of the country. Moreover, can provide better data connectivity to these areas.

The new technology can eliminate that weak signal area and can provide high-speed data around the country.

4. Better Lifestyle

As the internet connectivity and the data speed over the wireless network increases, more and more startups and new technologies will emerge.

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The more accessible the data, the better and quicker the service you get from the industries.

5. Economical

As opposed to the developed countries’ network carriers, the Indian telecom operators are providing affordable plans for the subscription of 5G.

The price of the plans as of now is similar to that of the 4G Plans. Thus, it is more affordable to every sector of the public.

4G Vs 5G Technology Comparision

The following are the important features of 4G and 5G Technology.

4G Technology5G Technology
4th Generation Mobile Technology5th Generation Mobile Technology
Uses Medium and High-spectrum Radio Waves.Uses All spectrum of Radio Waves including Low, Medium, and High.
Data coverage for mobile phone.It can provide connectivity to Mobile as well as Internet of Things (IOT)
The Maximum Network Speed is 5 Gigabytes per secondThe Maximum Network Speed is 20 Gigabytes per second
The maximum Download Speed of 4G is 1 GbpsThe maximum Download Speed of 4G is 2.5 Gbps
The maximum Upload Speed of 4G is 500 MbpsThe maximum Upload Speed of 4G is 1.25 Gbps
4G vs 5G Technology: Comparison


The 5G technology is another step towards a better lifestyle and healthy community. It provides an enhanced user experience to the consumers with minimal effort.

But it does not mean you have to go for the 5G technology right away. If you are happy with the 4G Technology and the internet speed is sufficient for your day-to-day activities, then there is no need to forcefully move to the new Technology.

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But if you are in need of higher internet speed for your work or for personal use, and require a wired broad band like internet connection then the 5G will suit you perfectly.

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