What is Data Roll Over? How to Utilize Unused Data?

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The telecom sector has seen a steep jump in data usage within the past few years. But the data roll over is the new concept that is serving the users with the additional option for the data usage.

If you only use mobile data for accessing the internet, you would have definitely faced a situation wherein you utilized all your data.

Thus you are made to make a recharge for additional data. Otherwise waited for reloading of your account based on your recharge plan.

The issue mostly happens on the week ends and holiday as you consume more data on your free time. As these occasions brings more time for yourself, it would be helpful to have more data on these times.

The Data Roll Over concept brings exactly the same options for such users. Read the article fully to understand the concept of Data Roll over and how it can be utilized for your benefit.

What is Data Roll Over?

Data Roll Over is a concept in which the service provider carry forwards consumers unused data for future plan. Thus the unused data in your current pack will be added to the consecutive packs you subscribe.

Though there are several conditions to avail the Data Rollover options, the basic requirement is to subscribe to the new plan before expiry of the current plan.

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Most of the service providers in Indian Telecom Sectors provide the Data rollover option with their Postpaid Plans.

Thus Data Rollover will help the heavy data consumers for video streaming and social media users.

How Data Roll Over Works?

Data Rollover might seem to be hard thing to grasp but it is a simple concept. Thus to make it more easier we give you a example below.

  • You have subscribed to the Postpaid plan which gives you 100 GB data for the month on January.
  • You have consumed 70 GB data over the month of January. Thus you have a left over data of 30 GB in January.
  • For the month of February: Apart from your monthly Data i.e., 100 GB, the unused data will be added to the plan. Thus you can utilize 100 GB + 30 GB = 130 GB in the February month.

Thus the unused data in the previous month will be added to the data available for the next month.

Benefits of Data Rollover

On the first sight Data rollover might appear to be futile. But it will be helpful in a certain situation and for the specific people as given below.

  • People with a office job who does not use the data on week days can use the unused data during the weekends.
  • You can use the data you paid for as you want them and when you want them.
  • For businesses where the data consumption is more on a particular season. Thus the data can be saved for the particular seasons.
  • You do not have to pay extra charges for new plan for more data.
  • Also the data can be saved for the specific purposes like vacations, video calling, video streaming and Gaming.
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The network service providers are providing the data roll over facility with the subscription plan. Thus it does not require you to get a approval or additional steps for availing the benefits.

Hence it does not comes with any hidden loss to the consumers and is a real deal for the customers.

What are the plans that provides Data Rollover Facility?

With such benefits of the data rollover the next question is what type of the plans gives these benefits.

  • Both Airtel and VI provides data rollover to the Postpaid Customers by default. Thus the unutilized data in every month is added to the next month.
  • VI also provides Week end data roll over benefits to some of the unlimited plans for the Prepaid customers.

Thus these plans comes with the benefits of data roll over. Hence if you want to utilize every paisa you spend, you can subscribe to these plans.


Thus data roll over is the supreme option for the people who want to utilize that comes with the plan. It is also is useful for the particular times where you need more data for usage.

Whether it is a personal use or for the business requirement, data roll over will reduce the burden on the user. It will also on the long run will reduce the mobile bill.

In the end everyone want to get a benefit for the all the penny they spend. Thus this is an option for the specific users and specific requirements that benefits the consumers at last.

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