Gaslight 2023 –

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Synopsis: Meesha(Sara Ali Khan) a paraplegic woman must solve the mystery behind her fathers disappearance in the house where no one is reliable.

Movie Details

CastSara Ali Khan, Vikrant Massey, Chitrangada Singh and Rahul Dev
DirectorPavan Kirpalani
ProducerRamesh Taurani, Akshai Puri
MusicGaurav Chaterji
CinematographyRagul Herian Dharuman
EdititngChandan Arora
Run Time1 Hr 51 Min


Meesha a wheel chair bound girl returns to her family palace after 15 years as per her fathers request. She is not interested in the idea due to the quarrel with her father in the past same is explained in the later part of the film.

But she visits her home and finds that her father Ratan Singh Gaikwad is missing. She is informed that he is away on a bussiness trip.

Few days of stay causes suspicion to Meesha about her fathers whereabouts. She starts questioning everyone in the house. The mystery is intensified as supernatural activities in the house.

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Gaslight Movie Review

The movie lays a great settings at the beginning with a isolated palace, missing person, notorious past, complex characters and a lonely girl. But it failed to move on to that next level to make is more interesting and memorable till the climax.

But the movie engaging and raises expectation for the next scene and mystery in its own way.

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When Meesha search for the answers the new twists provided by the film maker is feels to be forced. The final few minutes of the film where the motives and characters are unraveled is good.


Sara Ali Khan after a couple of failure come back strong with this movie. We can perceive the improvement in her performance and distinguish it from the past easily.

As a chair bound woman searching mysteries alone in a dark and dangerous places. The role gives a wide scope for acting and she captures and does well in her role.

Chitrangada Singh who plays a step mother to the Meesha shows how prominent her acting is. As being a strong independent woman in the house, she also raises suspect-ion initially.

Kapil (Vikrant Massey) caretaker and an honest employee of the family. Who we think could have been shown on a better light for his calibre.

Akshay oberai as a distant cousin to Meesha shines in the role and we could see him rising as a good actor.

Other actors including Rahul Dev as an investigating officer and Shishir Sharma as a Doctor does good job for the requirement of the role played by them.

Technical Aspects

Pavan Kirpalani created a movie which is mystery thriller turns to be a horror flick. The man who created couple of good thrillers in bollywood tries hard to make a film enjoyable for the thriller/ Horror Fans.

Gaurav Chaterji’s background score is good and makes the thrilling moments more realistic. The sound effects highlights the aura of the dark and mystery in the film.

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Ragul Herian Dharuman’s camera work should be given special mention for capturing the aesthetic and creepy palace in the dark bringing the experience of a real thriller film through scenery.

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Gaslight sets up for the thriller movie in the first few minutes the movie rolls on we are expecting some fresh ideas in the film but the we are utterly disappointed.

The movie is watchable for its jump scare moments which works fine and the dark theme of the movie which is handled with such a care.

The movie does not provide back story for the most of the characters even for the lead characters which might seem bad but for the thriller movie I believe it is better off this way.

Gaslight is surely a good watch for the Thriller fans and enjoy the movie on Hotstar.

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