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Synopsis: Fighter is an Aerial Action Film and the first of its kind in Indian Cinema based on some of the real valor acts by the Indian Air Force.

Movie Details

CastHrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, Anil Kapoor, Karan Singh Grover, Akshay Oberoi
DirectorSiddharth Anand
ProducerViacom18 Studios, Marflix Pictures
MusicBack Ground Score: Sanchit Balhara and Ankit Balhara
Songs : Vishal–Shekhar
CinematographySatchith Paulose
EditingAarif Sheikh
Run Time2 Hr 46 Mins
Release DateJanuary 25, 2024
Fighter Movie Details Bolly4U.Org

Fighter is a much-awaited film in the Bollywood industry with a star-stunned cast and one of the finest commercial directors in recent times.

Siddharth Anand as a director has proved himself in his previous ventures as a good narrator of commercial cinema. But, in this movie, he has entered into a new genre which is the so-called first Aerial Action film in India.

So, the film has everything to become a cult film in India. But, whether it is lived up to its expectations and good enough to satisfy the audience to become a real pioneer. Read our detailed review below.


The movie is about a team of top Aviators in India and their valor acts to protect the country from the attacks of various terrorist organizations.

A special team is formed with the best aviators in India including Shamsher Pathania or Patty (Hrithik Roshan), Meenal Rathore or Minnie (Deepika Padukone), Basheer (Akshay Oberoi), Taj (Karan Singh Oberoi) and Rocky’ (Anil Kapoor).

We see the team getting trained in the first part of the film with different emotions from everyone. The romance between Patty and Minnie, the past collision between Patty and Rocky, and the bonding of the team throughout the training.

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But when the mission goes wrong Bashher and Taj are arrested in the enemy territory. The blame is put on Patty and he is removed from the Team and placed as a flying inspector.

The rest of the story revolves around how Patty rescues the arrested teammates from the enemy territory with the help of his friends.

The story is partly inspired by Uri Strike by India in 2019. The story does not bring anything new to the table but how it is made is quite remarkable.

Fighter Movie Trailer

Fighter Review

Siddharth Anand in his previous movies has given us top-tier action films including Bang Bang, War, and Pathaan. He once again proves his prowess as an action film director with the Fighter.

The movie has captivating action sequences throughout the film. Especially the aerial action sequences are made with top-notch technicians and quite impressive CGI.

Apart from being technically good film the film narration is good with the different elements put together in the film. The film delivers emotional, romantic, and action sequences in the right proportion to have us captivated.

The Story as said earlier is ordinary, but the screenplay is near perfect and keeps us engaged throughout its run time.

The Movie is one of the best action films of Bollywood in recent times and is a fun fest for the audience.


Hrithik Roshan as Patty has done a tremendous job in the role. He is shining in every scene with his body language. From the beginning to the end, his persona dominates every other actor in the film.

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With every other movie, he is reaching new highs and is stunning in this movie as well.

Deepika as Meenal Rathore is given a performance that is needed of her. With more screen presence and a prominent role, she has done a very good justice to the role.

Anil Kapoor as Rocky is done a decent job and given his best which we can see in the screen.

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Other actors in the film did a nice job and kept the flow of the film smooth for the entire movie. The film is mad interesting by the performance of the movie cast.

Technical Aspects

Aerial Action film is a new genre in Indian Cinema. Thus we do not have a reference to compare with the Fighter. But the action sequences are near perfect and keep us on the seat edge in the crucial moments.

The stunt and VFX team has done a very good job of keeping us engaged.

Fighter is a commercial roller-coaster with different emotions on the screen. The BGM and cinematography capture each emotion well and are soothing.

Satchith Paulose’s cinematography should be given special mention as the action sequences are well-made and captured.

But songs are looked like forcefully placed in the fast-paced screenplay. Though are good, they do not help the movie in the flow of time.

Other technicians including the Editor, Choreographer, and CGI team have done a very good job. Thus, everybody involved in the film has contributed to the film’s success.

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Fighter is one of those films that are made as an experiment. No matter what is the outcome it is one of the finest tries by Siddharth Anand.

But Siddharth has created a very good movie out of a very thin storyline. He has given a good movie with an engaging screenplay and well-narrated action film in the theater.

Though it is a new concept the movie is a new step for the Movie industry in India and the making is tuned to the best to satisfy the audience.

Thus the movie is a real fun fest for the moviegoers and is surely gonna make your time better.

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