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Spy thrillers are having a cult following among the thriller fans for its serious and fast paced screenplay. Bollywood over the time have produced world class spy thrillers.

We here give you the top spy thriller movies available on OTT for exiting and energetic movie watch.


contract movie

Ex Army man Amaan Malik infiltrates the terrorist group posing himself as a one and must find the mysterious leader of the group Sultan.

The group has planned a major attack, to prevent the attack he must find Sultan before time. The story gets interesting when the Mafia finds out that there is a mole on the group.

Ram Gopal Varma a prominent name in bollywood created this gives this fine thriller and you can watch it on Prime Video.


aiyaary movie

Aiyaary the movie directed by one of the fine directors in bollywood Neeraj Pandey is an espionage thriller.

The story revolves around Abhay Singh, Colonal in Indian Army and Jai Bakshi, major in the Indian Army.

Jai Bakshi upon finding the corruption in the higher officials disappears, and he takes several secret documents of Army with him.

Abhay Singh upon receiving the news of Jai’s disappearance swears to find him. The story becomes cat and mouse game with lot of twists.

Enjoy the movie on Disney+ Hotstar.

Ek Tha Tiger

ek tha tiger movie

Ek Tha Tiger aka Once There was a Tiger is a spy thriller with good mix of action and romance is a good entertainer.

Salman Khan at his best gives all to this spy thriller. It depicts the story of RAW agent who has been assigned to watch over the scientist who might have link with the terrorist groups.

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The screenplay of the movie is makes the movie more engaging. Watch the movie on Prime Video.

Mission Majnu

mission majnu movie

Amandeep Singh the RAW agent who is in undercover in Pakistan must find the suspected Nuclear testing done by Pakistan govenment.

Sidharth Malhotra as a trying to find an evidence to prove the testing done by government gives a very good performance.

The movie with a very good script and intelligent screenplay makes the movie feel good.

Watch the movie on Netflix.


anek movie

Anek is a political action thriller that follows a covert agent Aman (Ayushmann Khurrana) trying to bring peace between the Separatist group in north east india.

Movie with a strong message on its back gives an interesting screenplay that is enjoyable and though provoking.

Enjoy the movie on Netflix.

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Romeo Akbar Walter

romeo akbar walter movie

Romeo Akbar Walter is the movie loosely inspired from true events is set in 1970 well detailed and executed spy thriller.

The story follows the RAW agent who is on a coveted operation a spy in Pakistan.

Robbie Grewal gives a perfect action spy thriller with fine performance from John Abraham.

Watch the movie on Netflix.


bellbottom movie

Anshul Malhotra (Akshay Kumar) a RAW agent must rescue the people safely from the hijacked plane.

The movie inspired from true insidents is a slick thriller that is so intelligently in story and justifiable acting from the cast members.

Watch the movie on Prime Video.

Naam Shabana

naam shabana

Naam Shabana a action spy thriller starring Taapsee Pannu as a Shabana, and narrates how she becomes an intelligent agent from an ordinary college student.

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Taapsee gives a stellar performance in this spy thriller. You can stream Naam Shabana in Netflix.

16 December – prime

16 december

16 December is one of the best spy thrillers produced from bollywood. Everything works fine in the highly under rated movie.

The plot revolves around the group of intelligent agents trying to stop the nuclear attack on the Indian capital city.

The movie is so intelligently written you have to see it to understand. Enjoy the movie on Prime Video.

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Bang Bang

bang bang

Rajveer (Hrithik Roshan) a mysterious man we come to know is trying to safeguard Kohinoor is tied up with a bank receptionist (Katrina Kaif) dealing the dangers in the fun way.

The movie is well made with interesting action sequences is fun to watch.

Watch the movie on Disney+ Hotstar.

War – prime


Khalid (Tiger Shroff) the intelligent agent must stop his mentor Kabir (Hrithk Roshan) who is gone rougue and killing spree around the world.

The movie is a one of the greatest action film from Bollywood. A full and full commercial flick to watch.

Stream the movie on Prime Video.

Madras Cafe

madras cafe

Madras Cafe a movie set in 1980’s starring John Abraham and Nargis Fakhri in the lead roles brings the catastrophe caused by the Civil war in a coastal island.

The movie follows Indian intelligent agent sent on a mission to stop the rebel group on the coastal island and the journalist who is following the war there.

The film gives a strong statement on the war and political game. The movie is available to stream on Netflix.

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Pathaan – prime


Shar Rukh Khan in his return after four years gave bang with this movie. Pathaan which released with much hype satisfied both fans and critics as well and a become a biggest blockbuster.

The plot revolves around the RAW agent who is trying to stop the wide attack on the country by the notorious group headed by Jim.

Enjoy the movie on Prime Video.

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Baby – hotstar


Counter intelligent unit headed by Ajay Singh involves in ‘Baby’ – The mission for capturing the powerful terrorist and stopping their plan on attack on the nation.

Neeraj Pandey creates a perfect film where everything worked to his expectation. And we get a gem of a film.

With the spotless performance from Akshay and the costars. A flawless screen play and making made this movie a must watch.

Watch the movie on Disney+ Hotstar.

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