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Synopsis: On the eve of Indian independence a remote village cut off from the news takes a revolt against a cruel General Robert Clive.

Movie Details

MovieAugust 16 1947
Language Tamil
Dubbed: Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam
Release Date07 April, 2023
Runtime2 Hrs 24 Mins
DirectorN. S. Ponkumar
CastGautham Karthik, Revathi Sharma, Pugazh, Jason Shah and Richard Ashton.
MusicSean Roidan
CinematographySelvakumar SK
EditingSudharsan R

N. S. Ponkumar creates the periodic drama set during the independence of India, the period where there is a lot opportunity to create a compelling script.

But little of the film makers made an effort to create a movie based preindependent era. But Ponkumar takes up a script that has all the potential to become a big hit.

Has he managed to give that script a life and made it more enjoyable, Read our review to know.

august 16 1947


August 16 1947 tells the tale of a remote village in the Madras state during the independent. The village is in the control of a cruel general Robert Clive (Richard Ashton).

Robert is a violent and arrogant person, who treats the village people as slaves. The movie has an extended scenes to show the wilderness of Robert. People got punished and tortured at his will mere things.

Roberst’s son Justin (Jason Shah) a pervert molesting every women in the village. We see the villagers even killing their child to protect them from Justin.

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Paraman (Gautham Karthik) who is one of the young man in the village is in love with Deepali (Revathi Sharma), who is kept hidden her house for the long time by her parents to protect her from Justin.

When Justin finds out about Deepali’s existence can Paraman save her from the Justin with the help of the villagers on the night of independence is forms the remaining story of the movie.

Read our elaborate review to more about the movie.

Movie Review

August 16 1947 which is having a good premises and story on paper derails and moves on to different track altogether.

This might have been good if the movie is executed well. We get a back story for Paraman which is actually good if the movie is going to be an emotionally made.

Also we have an extended scenes to showcase the wilderness of the antagonist. Other scenes in the first half also tells that the movie is going to be an emotional movie.

But what actually directer brings to the table in the second half is a love story. To be fair this portion also works well in the screen.

But the story becomes irrelevant and clumsy at some point. And the movie does not recover from there.

A common man opposing the tyrant of a village with the help from the villagers might have been a good story just remembered Madharasa Pattinam which has a similar premises and done well.

The issue with the August 16, 1947 is it really does not connect us with the main characters. We see people for who they are but not how they this level.

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Thus we are stopped caring for the protagonist and his motive.

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Gautham Karthik gives a stellar performance especially in the second half of the movie. Debutant Revathi Sharma also shines with her role and does look mature as an actor.

Other cast members of the August 16 1947 does a good job. Pugazh stands out in this movie when compared to his previous ventures. In a serious role he keeps giving laughable moments in the film, which otherwise would have been a gritty tale.

Technical Aspects

Selvakumar Cinematographer for the film captures and brings the 1940’s to the screen which looks good on the screen. For which we have to give credit to the art direction team as well.

Music by Sean Roidan is apt for the movie and done his job very well.


N. S. Ponkumar who is to ambitious to give a good film on his debut, gives an average movie despite having a great story to root for.

The movie had access for a high production value, thanks to AR Murugadoss. We could feel how much effort was put into creating a set for the film and costumes of the villagers reflecting 1947.

The movie is watchable for the lead actors performance and the story. If you like period films then this will garner quite an impression on you. Watch the movie on theaters near you.

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