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Synopsis: Police investigating a murder tracks down a suspect, but to their dismay there is a look alike to him who might be the real killer.

Movie Details

DirectorVardhan Ketkar
CastAaditya Roy Kapur, Mrunal Thakur, Ronit Roy, Vedika Pinto, Deepak Kalra and Mohit Anand.
ProducerBhushan Kumar, Murad Khetani, Krishan Kumar and Anjum Ketani
MusicBackground Score – Ketan Sodha
Songs – Vishal Mishra, Abijith Vaghani, Tanishq Bagchi and Mithoon.
CinematographyVineet Malhotra
EditingSahil Nayar
Run Time2 Hr 7 Mins
Release Date07 Apr 2023
Censor Certificate

Gumraah is a remake of the 2019 Tamil hit film Thadam directed by Magizh Thirumeni.

In recent times we have seen south Indian films being remade in Bollywood, the movies are getting mixed response from both the audience and critics .

Find whether Gumraah justice to its audience in the review.


Inspector Shivani Mathur (Mrunal Thakur) has been assigned to investigate a murder of a young man Aakash Sardana.

Shivani and ACP Dhiren Yadav (Ronit Roy) interrogating the witness finds out that a stranger was with Aakash on the night of the murder. Further investigation reveals the person is Arjun Saigal (Aditya Roy Kapur) a civil engingeer.

On the same day Sooraj Rana who is a look alike to Arjun got arrested. The cops have to find out the real killer among these two.

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Gumraah Movie Review

Gumraah establishes the characters and the plot well within first 30 minutes of the movie. It creates a very good base for the compelling thriller and the twists that are to be followed.

ACP wants to convict Arjun as they have a bitter past and Mirnal who cannot stand to be with Sooraj because of his behavior trying to be righteous at the same time. The story becomes more interesting as the movie goes on.

The back story of the lead characters are real saver of the story, the motive of the killer that drives the story is kept as a mystery till the end of the film.

The movie has good story and the artists, but the movie lacks in providing a decent screenplay for the audience. Not that it is bad but the screenplay switching between two stories is confusing for the ordinary person.


Vardhan Ketkar on his directorial debut gives a decent film. He proved to be a interesting director to watch out for in the future. There is flaws in the film but Vardhan creates a good impression with his first film.

Aditya Roy Kapur coming after acclaimed series The Night Manager gives another decent performance in this crime thriller. In dual roles he is proving his prowess to the bollywood as an actor in the movie.


Mrunal Thakur as a cop who wants to be a righteous person delivers a nice performance. Her contradicting feelings towards two suspects is handled well by her.

Ronit Roy a renowned actor playing a police officer who disgraces one of the lead character gets an important role and does more than justice to the role.

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Other cast including Vedika who plays as the love interest of Arjun’s love interest gives a strong performace.

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Technical Aspects

The movie started as a good crime thriller becomes static at some point. The story becomes easily predictable at times and the anticipation is eroded with every scene.

The background score of the film done by Ketan Sodha does not gives the expected hype provided by the story to the film.

Vineet Malhotra‘s cinematography is fresh and captures the story very well especially on the night sequences.


The movie made and released in the wrong time. With covid and rise of OTT platforms people started watching global content.

The people who already watched the original film Thadam without any surprise element will take it is as an ordinary venture.

Addition of the songs in the movie gives a break to the screenplay as the story does not need them.

If Gumraah has been released at different time before OTT, the same movie would have been celebrated. Still being the good thriller film is too obvious to watch.

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