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Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway bolly4u

Synopsis: Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway is a emotional drama film inspired from the true events happened in Norway in 2011. The movie portrays the story of Indian woman fighting Norwegian Foster child care system.

Movie Details

Movie NameMrs. Chatterjee vs Norway
CastRani Mukerji, Anirban Bhattacharya, Neena Gupta and Jim Sarbh
DirectorAshima Chibber
ProducerEmmay Entertainment, Zee studios
MusicAmit Trivedi
Run Time2 Hrs 13 Mins
Release DateMar 17, 2023
Movie Details

Story of the movie depicts the Indian immigrant in Norway. When the Norwegian Child care authorities take custody of her child, she venture into the legal actions to get back the custody of her children.


The story of the movie is inspired from real story of Sagarika Chakraborty a Kolkata based woman immigrant in Norway.

When the the Norwegian child care authorities separated two children of Sagarika and her husband on the ground that the house they are living in is unsuitable for child care.

The allegation also said that the Sagarika is unfit to be a mother with they way she raising her children. It is completely differs from the culture of Norway.

Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway does tells the story of the mother and her struggles to get back to her child. The battle between the mother and a foreign countries legal system ensues the remaining plot of the movie.

Review – Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway

Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway is written for screen by Sameer Satija, Rahul Handa and Ashima Chibber and directed by Ashima Chibber.

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Rani Mukerji playing Debika Chatterjee shines throughout the movie, from the beginning of the movie where we see Government authorities taking away the children to the end of the film Rani gives a stellar performance.

We could see that the movie though based on true story has some fictional moments. But the effort of Rani to give life to the character which is actually lifeless is should be applauded.

Ashima Chibbar provides a movie where the protagonist not only fights for her right and also fights inner battle in family and society.

As a true story we could feel there is more drama and agony to the family than what we witness in the movie.

Ashima Chibbar does provide a compelling story for the audience. But it fails to take further in any of the issue faced by the lead actor.

The movie in some part shows domestic violence, cultural irregularities, failed system and governments ignorance. But the movie does not dug deep into any of these issues.

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On one point the movie lives true to the story it is taken. But the impact would have been more if we are made to feel the pain of a desperate mother with proper writing.

The movie moving at a steady pace keeps us engaging. There are several moments in the film that are well made with respectable level of suspense and tension.

It is odd that the other people involved in the story even her own family members are not supporting in her activities. The movie does make some strong accusation and creates a even more complicated story.

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Anirban Bhattacharya playing husband of Rani gives a average performance. To be true the story is written in a way to make Rani Mukerji the center of attention.

Other actors in the film gives average performance, at the end of the movie no other character are well struck in our mind.

The music and cinematography of the movie provides good stage for the movie. The movie which is almost perfect does keeps giving more.


The movie actually a battle between a single woman and the government is shown in a melodrama is becomes subtle for the most of the movie.

The movie is a slow paced one, but the intention of the makers is not to give a commercial film. With a story like this at the back it is the right approach I would say.

The movie might not satisfy everyone but it is the way of real life. Every one would have their own flaw, but to fight for what is rightfully theirs is the ultimate goal of life.

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