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Synopsis: Shaakuntalam is an epic love story between Shakuntala an orphan girl and king Dushyant. It is based on the famous play written by Kalidasa.

Movie Details

Dubbed: Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam.
CastSamantha Ruth Prabhu, Dev Mohan, Sachin Khedekar, Prakash Raj, Aditiy Balan, Anananya Nagalla, Allu Arha.
ProducerNeelima Guna
MusicMani Sharma
CinematographySekhar Joseph
EditingPrawin Pudi
Run Time2 Hr 22 Mins
Release DateApril 14, 2023

Shaakuntalam a much awaited south Indian film has released in theaters now. In recent times we have seen so many periodic dramas and people celebrated these movies.

But it is a tricky task when you bring a mythological story into the big screen. Apart from making good story and writing one should have a enough budget to make a more realistic period film.

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Gunasekhar in this film got good production team the movie but has he managed to keep the audience engaged, Read our review to find out


Shakuntala (Samantha Ruth Prabhu) daughter of Menaka and sage Vishwamitra is abandoned by her parents and raised in the Ashram of sage Kanva.

She lives happily with nature being her only companion until the king Dushyant (Dev Mohan) visits the ashram and finds her and they fall in love.

The get married in the wild without any witness and lives together. But when Dushyant gets a call from his kingdom he promising Shakuntala that he will return and take her to the kingdom when the time is right.

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The plot revolves around Shakuntala as she waits for the return of Dushyant for years. Can she see off the test of time for her love by her love is formes the remaining story.

The story of Shakuntala is a well known story among Indians, Gunasekhar on his venture trying to tell the tale on the screen.

Shaakuntalam Review

Shaakuntalam a well known and famous play by Kalidass gets a digital avatat with Shaakuntalam. Gunasekhar should be applauded for doing Shaakuntalam.

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Movie has so much potential in the story and script to be a good film and the production value of the movie also so good as we can witness the visual effects.

The film is had some changes to the story to make the movie satisfying to the modern audience. But the narrative does not improve much even with these changes.

We can see that the director wanted to give the story as it is without any additions. Thus as a result the movie gets dragging in the first half.

But the plot thickens at the second half and gets a break after the separation of the couple. The movie is gets more engaging and interesting as the story goes on.

Second half does provide for the lack of quality in bits and pieces and fills in for the first half.

It is even though being a mythological film is after all a love story, it does well to provide great portrayal of love.


Samantha looks stunning and beautiful, Kudos to the costume team as their imminent work is visible through out the movie.

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Her performance in the transformation of being a innocent girl in the forest to the woman of strong will power caused by series of events is convincing for most of the film.

Dev Mohan gives another great performance and looks apt for the part. He looks stunning and strong and does justice to the role as king Dushyant.

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All the actors in the movie done a great job especially Sachin Khedekar as a Kanva Rishi once again proves his versatility as an actor. He gives his commitment to take care of Shakuntala in the rather painful part of her life is exhilarating.

Technical Aspects

It is not easy to make a movie like Shaakuntalam as it requires creating a different world than what we live in today. The same is done with the help of Art Direction and VFX.

Shaakuntalam is being spot on in both the aspects. It was evident from the songs and trailer that it is going to be a visual treat.

The movie lives upto the expectation by bringing medieval time world in the screen. Shaakuntalam does not only made for the lead characters. VFX team is done a great job by providing detailed visuals in every scene.

The music by Mani Sharma is good especially in the emotional scenes. The songs are already hit on the social media and taken well by the audience.

Sekhar Joseph’s camera work is appreciable in the first half and does a good job in the movie overall.

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Shaakuntalam a story we have already known as kids and heard it so many times. Thus the audience is not visiting the theaters to see the story unfold.

What people wanted to have is to see their favorite stars and to take a peak into the medieval times.

Has shaakuntalam satisfied these audience? The answer is Yes and No. It has provided a great visual experience (It would have been better in 3D, We have not watched the 3D version but we can always guess). But the movie does not provide engaging script, the movie is like narrating a story without any addition to the screenplay.

In over all the movie is good to watch with your family, and your loved ones. You will not feel any remorse by watching the movie, it will be soothing experience.

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