Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan – KKBKKJ 2023 –

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Synopsis: KKBKKJ brings another south Indian movie remake to the bollywood audience. It is remake of Tamil film Veeram a blockbuster family entertainer movie.

Movie Details

Movie Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan
DirectorFarhad Samji
CastSalman Khan, Venkatesh, Pooja Hegde, Jagapathi Babu, Bhumika Chawla, Raghav Juyal, Jassie Gill and Siddharth Nigam.
ProducerSalman Khan
MusicRavi Basrur
CinematographyManikandan V
EditingMayuresh Sawant
Runtime2 Hr 24 Mins
Release Date21 April 2023

KKBKKJ released amid lot of expectation for Salman Khan’s return to the big screen and Ensemble cast. Fans of Salman are celebrating the movie even before release in social media.

Is KKBKKJ satisfied all the expectation of the people, read our full review to know more.


Bhaijaan (Salman Khan) who wants to live his life without marrying, so that he could take care of his three brothers played by Raghav Juyal, Jassie Gill and Siddharth Nigam.

The three brothers all have a separate love life want to make their brother to get married. In the attempt to find a right girl for their brother they come across Bhagya Laxmi (Pooja Hegde) a South Indian girl from Telengana.

But their characters are worlds apart as our hero Bhaijaan who is tough and violent and deals with goons in the colony they live in. But Bhagya Lakshmi comes from a family that is against violence.

But danger is lurking on the family of Bhagya Lakshmi as the Nageshwar (Jagapathi Babu) a Rowdy all set to destruct the family of Balakrishnan (Venkatesh Daggubati) brother of Bhagya Lakshmi.

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Can Bhaijaan save the family from its misery without their knowledge forms the rest of the story.

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kkbkkj poster

Farhad Samji in an another remake from Tamil film gives KKBKKJ what should have been a perfect mass family entertainer instead becomes underachiever in every aspects.

He must have known by now that it is not an easy task to make a remake movie that is too from made for different audience, but not for different people.

Bollywood directors time and again doing the same mistake of over compromising the story and script to make room for heroism and scenes to showcase star value of its actors.

The actual script of Veeram which had a emotional value to the core, but we could not feel the same in KKBKKJ.

For example on some point both the lead characters gives up their ideology for the love, it should have been heart touching but we are so detached with the movie we could not feel the same as in the original version.

The first half of the movie moves at a slow pace, the writing here does not give any appreciation for the story or situational comedy. Hence the comedy and one liners in the movie does not seem funny at all.

When there is a scarce moment of relief, there is annoying songs coming along. KKBKKJ with so much violence in its action sequences and unnecessary build ups does test our patience.

The second half of the movie is comes as a more test to the audience forbearance, the movie failed to initiate a sense of involvement in the audience.

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But Venkatesh Daggubati and Jagapathi Babu gives some relief with a great performance and their screen presence is the saving grace for the movie.

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Salman Khan‘s returns for the big screen after almost four years, but he is confident and does not leave the balance as for as the action and mass scenes are considered.

Punch dialogues from the star are fulfilling and energetic. He is stunning in romantic scenes as well.

The movie does created a bubble in which Salman Khan is in center and runs the film all on his own. The movie for an ordinary audience might be a clumsy one but may be for the fans it would be a enjoyable venture.

Pooja Hegde as a Bhagya Lakshmi looks cute and gives a good performance, But the screenplay does not help her character really develop.

Raghav Juyal, Jassie Gill and Siddharth Nigam as a brothers of Bhaijaan does not have a real space to the performance and underplayed by the script like most of the talented actors in the film.

Venkatesh Daggubati and Bhumika Chawla as a brother and sister in law of Bhagya Lakshmi gives a nice performance. Venkatesh especially is phenomenal in the second half.

Jagapathi Babu is another saving grace for the film. He lights the mood of the film whenever he is present.

Other cast members are dwarfed by the under writing and making, the film does depends on its lead characters to the extreme extend that it looses the grip on the other cast members.

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Technical Aspects

Farhad Samji has shown his talent in his previous works but here it looks like he had too much on the plate to serve. With so many plot lines, elaborate cast he is really off and gives an average flick.

Manikandan’s cinematography is spot on and brings the different landscapes in a different tone and every scene is shot with clarity and looks good on the screen.

Ravi Basrur gives his best and background score is good and likable for a commercial film.

KKBKKJ is technically really sound film, the crew done a decent job of creating technically perfect film.

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KKBKKJ wanted to and had all the potential to become a pakka entertainment movie reduced to a mere one time watch for the fans because of the bad writting.

The movie can be enjoyed by the mediocre fan (like me for one) who just want to see Salman on his bloom with the punch dialogue and action scenes. Other than that there is not much to enjoy in the film.

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