Pinky Beauty Parlour 2023-

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Synopsis: Pinky Beauty Parlour talks on the discrimination prevailing in the society based on the skin colour.

Movie Details

MoviePinky Beauty Parlour
Run time1 Hr 56 Mins
DirectorAkshay Singh
Bahnishikha Das, Akshay Singh
CastKhusboo Gupta, Sulagna Panigrahi, Vishwanath Chatterjee, Abhay Joshi, Arpita Banerjee, Akshay Singh, Anupama Negi.
MusicChintu Saarthak Kalla, Arbind Lyton
CinematographyGagaandeep Singh

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The story of Pinky Beauty Parlour revolves around two sisters in Pinky and Bulbul who lives in a small town in Varanasi.

Bulbul a dark skinned girl played by Khusboo Gupta who has been discriminated for the same. She takes care of everyone around her.

Pinky played by Sulagna Panigrahi is an younger sister of Bulbul who is fair skinned and has her own mind and unaffectionate.

When their parents pass away Bulbul takes the resposiblity and runs a Beauty parlour in the town. She supports the local employees and her sister by this small business overcoming all the hurdles.

The sisters life turns around when they find the dead body in the Parlour.

Pinky Beauty Parlour Review

Akshay Singh tells a very simple and crucial message throuh Pinky Beauty Parlour. The significance of seeing people beyond their physical appearance has been shown throughout the film.

Further Akshay Singh has generated a perfect stage by providing two sisters with different characteristics who has been compared for everything in their life.

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This not unusual and any person with sibling can relate to that. But when the comparison goes for the so said fairness it is Bulbul who gets the suffering.

Bulbul talks really more about the cultural change in India and people going to the extend to buy cosmetics.

The movie with well crafted scenes you can relate to that in the interval part of the movie, and a good screenplay does keeps us engaged.

Pinky Beauty Parlour is not a award material or a commercial film that would be loved by all. Surely the critics are loving it for putting a such effort for such a simple and one of the vital issues we failed to care.

With that being said the film would certainly make you think. Pinky Beauty Parlour is made unique script and a well written screenplay.

There are funny moments with the investigation, but the revelation is simple but strong issue which need to addressed by individuals on their mind.

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Sulagna Panigrahi as Piny the fair girl suits to the role like a glove and she steals the screen when she is present and gives a nice performance as a selfish and uncaring.

Khusboo Gupta is given a performance of a lifetime in the venture as a strong woman who take the family and business on her shoulders. Being supportive for everyone and nodding off the plight and pain of the discrimination thrown at her.

Jogi Mallang and Vishwanath Chatterjee gives a movie a push when it is needed and gave a good performance.

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Technical Aspects

Akshay Singh has given more effort for writing and it works on the screen. The narration elevates the story and the artist selection is top notch.

Cinematography by Gagaandeep Singh is average and does not do any good to the script. Background score of the movie does not have expected impact on the emotion scenes.

Akshay might have had a production restrictions as we feel some of the scenes could have been better with better production value.


Pink Beauty Parlour is the tale for everyone, especially for the people who are too involved to be fair. It might not be enjoyable at all aspects but it is a must watch film.

The movie similar to the lead actress might not be fair on the first look but when you try to learn further you will enjoy it for its honesty.

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