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Synopsis: U-Turn is a Thriller film directed by Arif Khan and it is an another adaptation of a south Indian film, a Kannada film with the same name.

Movie Details

Movie U-Turn
DirectorArif Khan
CastAlaya F, Priyanshu Painyuli, Aashim Gulati, Manu Rishi, Rajesh Sharma
ProducerShobha Kapoor and Ekta kapoor
MusicKetan Sodha
CinematographyAnubhav Bansal
EditingRohit Ajit Makwana
Runtime1 Hr 41 Mins
Premier DateApril 28, 2023

U-Turn which is originally made in Kannada has been remade in several languages in Indian Cinema.

Hence when the talk originated regarding the Hindi remake people got eager to see how the film will turn out.

As we are seeing the fall of South Indian remakes in recent times how U-Turn fares.

Read our review further to know whether this ZEE5 Original Film succeeded in satisfying the audience in this venture.

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U-Turn starts with a Journalist Radhika Bakshi (Aalaya F) who is doing an article on accidents occurring on the Chandigarh flyover.

Where people taking U-Turn by moving the divider blocks and not putting it back in place which causes lot of accidents in the flyover.

She with the help of a local homeless guy gets the vehicle number of the people who moved the divider blocks. And she interviews several of them for her article.

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The story gets interesting when one of the guy she interviewed is found dead in his home and Radhika becomes prime suspect.

Can she get out of this case by proving her innocence and finding the real killer with the help of the police Arjun Sinha(Priyanshu Painyuli) and Inderjeet Singh(Shreedhar Dubey).

U-Turn Review

And also the movie brings lot of good ideas in the screenplay, as I have not watched the original version of the movie it really got me into liking it.

But as per the report there is a lot of changes in the screenplay happened when compared to its original version.

The movie brings lot of twist and U-turns in its narrative through out the film. And has a interesting screenplay and apt dialogues.

But the slow story telling is a disappointment as with a fast moving screenplay this could have been a even better film.

U-Turn will be a good movie if you go and watch it with out any higher expectation out of other versions.

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Aalaya F as an independent woman who is living as per her choice shines in her character.

The story actually shows various states of her mind and gives so much potensial for her to act and she grabs every opportunity to perform.

U-Turn have a really interesting story and begins with a suitable opening sequence where there is an accident caused by the irresponsible peoples hesitation.

She lived in the character, the acting in the police interrogation and the strong attitude toward her role made this a master class.

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Priyanshu Painyuli as an investigating officer is decent in acting and gives what is expected of the character.

Aashim Gulati as a Office colleague and with a crush on Aalaya does not have a premises for performance.

Other sub cast members done their done their job well and makes the movie engaging for the viewers.

Technical Aspects

Arif Khan in the U-Turn makes a film that is very much perfect for the Thriller lovers. Even though it is a remake, making it suitable for the Hindi audience is a agitating task.

He makes the story engaging with stir screenplay and cast. The movie does not loose its grip on the mystery throughout the run.

Anubhav Bansal does a very good job considering the most of the movie is taking place in the night. And captures the intense moments with the intriguing view.

Music by Ketan Sodha is average apart from some moments the music seems missing something but it is compensated by the story.

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U-Turn is one of the rare movies trying bring the social awareness by bringing chaos effect to the screen.

Even a small act could could affect someone massively. It is a well written and executed film.

It movie is short and does not have any elongated scenes, it is with a crisp writing is really good watch.

Watch the movie on ZEE5.

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