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Korean cinema industry has been praised for producing some of the edge of the seat Thrillers and Horror flicks. But we have failed to notice some of the great romantic films from the Korean industry.

The Korean movie industry has a separate fan base all around the world for its intriguing story telling, it does the same with the love stories as well.

Here we are introducing you to some of the top Romantic Drama Shows available on Netflix which are really missed out.

These Korean web shows are really heart warming and brings the joy through the story telling.

Read further to know the top 10 Korean dramas available on Netflix.

Forecasting Love And Weather

This Series is tell the story of the people in a small office and their struggle for love and dating.

The Plot is really simple and relatable to the people working in the office. With issues in family to romantic relationship the series handles well all the tracks.

Apart from educating viewers of the Weather forecasting the series the series flows at its own pace and does not annoy you at any point.

Run On

Run on is a romantic drama between a track runner turned trainer and an interpreter hired as a translator for him.

The show is exiting and hilarious from beginning to end. All the characters are well written and develops over the shows run. We would get attached to the characters emotionally.

A Love So Beautiful

A Love so Beautiful is a Romantic series remake of the 2017 Chinese drama of the same name.

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The show depicts the life of a five high school students, their life from teenagers to adulthood. Their life choices from study, love, friendship and family.

The show is simple and tells the tale of a ordinary people and can be related easily. This is a heartwarming friendship tale at the prime and will feel good till the end.


Nevertheless follows the story of art class students, and shows their life in various stages and transformation from one to another.

Every actor is spot on and provides a performance to elevate the characters. Nevertheless shows the commitment issues to the romantic life of these friends.

Kim Ga-Ram brings the show which is rich with drama and love stories in a consumable way.

Start Up

Seo Dal-mi who wants to create a start up and become a top business women in South Korea. She mistakes a guy for her first love and form a relationship with him.

The show balances between a love life and business, it is really interesting to watch Dal-mi going through the problems and coming on top.

The story is real and brings a persons career, heartbreak and emotions of a person to the screen.

With a right cast and good performance from each actors this is a must watch for the people struggling with work life balance.

My First First Love

my first first love poster

My First First Love with best actors and sweet romance part stands out on top of this list.

The show which also shows the importance of friendship and deep feelings of a human being.

The show is really flat and moves at a steady pace to suit the story, It is really an alternative for heavy romantic comedies. One of the best feel good web shows in recent times.

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Twenty Five Twenty One

Twenty Five Twenty One is a story about Friendship, Love, Family, Career and struggles of lead characters that is told in a light manner so as to touch your heart.

The show is set in 1990’s and portrays the story of two young people one is a fencing athlete and putting her career before her personal life and a man from a wealthy family who is now broke and struggling financially.

The story is about the decisions made by the lead characters when they are young as they grow and how it affect their personal life.

All the actors done a such a great job so that after time it feels too real and we really feel the emotions felt by the actors on the screen.

With every thing being perfect it will surely be an inspiring story to every one, and a must watch series for everyone.

Love To Hate You

Love to Hate You is the story of two people who hate other gender from the bad experience in the past and how they come to like each other.

This show has a lot of sub plots and every thing works to the perfection. This really healps in making the charming main story interesting.

The screenplay is smart and plays around the modern relationship in a fun way. The show is hilarious one to watch and one of the best from Korea.

Our Beloved Summer

Our Beloved Summer is a love story between a two adults who had separated years ago. But now forced to come together by the fate how these two will fare.

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It is a simply amazing and the story about two people hate each other but also love each other. The story really does not go into the family and friends circle.

Rather it stays true to the lead actors and brings their interest and their characters through the well crafted screenplay.

The show is funny, engaging, emotional and heart numbing and is a binge worthy.

Business Proposal

Business Proposal is a real addictive romantic drama produced in Korean industry. It is one of the well written script that is brought to life by the extraordinary actors.

It tells the story of Shin Ha-ri, who goes on a blind date in place of her friend. But unaware that the man she is dating Kang Tae-moo is the chairman of a company she works for.

They both falls for each other but Kang does not know the real identity of Shin, and the situations where she holding on to her new persona is really fun to watch.

Enjoy this feel good drama in Netfilx

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