Top 8 Malayalam Investigation Thrillers on Amazon Prime Video –

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Malayalam Cinema Industry (aka Mollywood) has always been a step ahead of Indian cinema in every genre.

Mollywood has never been afraid of experimenting with new ideas and scripts.

Malayalam movies are in past went unnoticed but with OTT now the movies are applauded for its originality.

With originality of the story and intriguing screenplay and unexpected twists the Malayalam movies always garnered the interest of the Movie lovers.

Here we give you 10 perfect Investigation thriller movies that are available in Amazon Prime Video for streaming.

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The Priest

The Priest is a 2021 Mystrery thriller directed by the debutant Jofin T. Chacko. It stars Mammootty as Carmen Benedict a priest turned investigator.

When Carmen is called for investigate a series of mysterious suicides happening in the Allat family.

With every step of investigation the priest finds hidden past and truths that brings more questions than answers.

Can he solve the mystery before time runs out for the family forms the rest of the story.

The priest is a good watch for the mystery/ horror movie lovers.

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Adrishyam is a 2022 investigation thriller directed by Zac Harriss and having a ensemble cast of Joju George, Athmeeya Rajan and Vinodhini Vaidhyanathan.

It revolves around the investigation on the disappearance of a girl Anandhi.

With different people doing a lookout for her for different reasons, can they find her before any thing bad happens.

The story starts slowly and picks up pace with the investigation and a good one to watch on prime video.

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Anvesham is an investigation mystery thriller staring Jayasuriya in the lead role.

The movie also gives social message on parenting and an eye opener for the parents.

The plot revolves around the mysterious accident suffered by the boy, and the family members each telling a different tale as to the accident.

The suspicion caused by the irregularity in the statement results in the police investigation of the accident.

With the investigation more truths revealed and more mysteries unfolded. The movie gives a perfect message for the parents on parenting.

Cold Case

Cold Case is a movie revolves on the murder investigation of a murder case. The investigation is done by two people with two different approach.

While Assistant Commissioner of Police Sathyajith (Prithiviraj Sukumaran) doing a police investigation, Medha (Aditi Balan) does a paranormal investigation.

The story is complicated and plot thickens when the two ideas met in the movie.

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Jeethu Joseph an unrelenting mystery thriller director gives another perfect film in Kooman.

Asif Ali as a Giri a police constable with a thirst for crime solving and detective instincts gets a joy ride in this thriller.

We get to know Giri in the first half, he is not so perfect so cunning that he even does small burglars to teach people who wronged him a lesson.

The second half gets interesting with the investigation of serial killer who has eluded the police for the long time.

The real hero of the film is the script, with lot of witty scenes this is one of the finest film to watch.

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Ela Veezha Poonchira

The film follows Madhu (Soubin Shahir) who is a police officer posted in a remote village along with  Sudhi (Sudhi Koppa).

Their ordinary life being a crime free place in a remote hill top is changed when the body part of a murder victim is found in the surroundings.

The investigation towards finding the killer is very well written and the technical team is done a great job of capturing nature in its purest form and nudged towards the mystery.


Joseph is the best dark thriller with a lot of emotion and feeling which the movie captures and makes it look so real.

Only Malayalam cinema can produce such a gem, We have seen so rarely a film that depicts our protagonist a bad person even a normal person.

But this movie does it all with out sweating a drop and has a faith in the script and pulls it off.

Joseph is an Ex police officer who is acclaimed for his deduction skills and now living his life in exile.

But he is consulted for his skills by the police department in a complex cases, and he is doing it with joy.

The story takes a turn when his Ex wife got murdered. And he takes it on himself to find the killer.

This movie is apparently brings best out of Joju George and has many over the top moments to enjoy.

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There has been a numerous movies produced by Malayalam Cinema Industry that are critically acclaimed.

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But the one at the top this list is Drishyam, The 2013 movie directed by Jithu Joseph and staring Mohanlal and Meena in the lead roles.

The movie tells the story of a man and how extreme he will go to protect his family form any trouble.

Though the movie is a crime thriller and the most part is about police investigating the movie.

The emotions and love of the family life is conveyed hidden through in the screenplay.

Thus with every artist giving best performance and the technical team is executing perfect premises.

Drishyam does not looses its grip on mystery through out its run time and is the best of Mollywood.

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