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Synopsis: Gulmohar is an emotional family drama unfolded during the shifting of a family from their 31 year old family house.

Gulmohar Movie Details

  • MOVIE NAME – Gulmohor
  • Language – Hindi
  • Relese Date –
  • OTT – Disney+Hotstat.
  • Cast -Manoj Bajpayee, Sharmila Tagore, Simran, Suraj Sharma and Amol Palekar.
  • Director -Rahul V. Chittella.
  • Producer- Vikesh Bhutani, Rahul Chittella, Shujaat Saudagar.
  • Music – Siddhartha Khosla.

Gulmohar Movie Story

The movie Gulmohar is the story of a Batra family gathering in their family house, before leaving for their separate way.

The movie starts with the celebration of family gathering on the week of Holi.

In the familly gathering the Grandmother of the family Kusum Batra (Sharmila Tagore) announces that she has sold their 31 year family house and moving out of New Delhi to newly bought home in Puducherry.

Gulmohar Review

In initial portion of the film it seems like everyone is happy in their life.

But as the movie goes on we come to see the life of everyone. What their past and present struggles are.

Like every family the family has a secrets buried deep inside every member of the family.

The movie told with individuals point of view, this allows the audience to understand characters very well.

Each day reveals secrets and betrayals of the family.

Can they hold on together after everything that happens is forms the rest of the story.

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Gulmohar is not just a movie to watch and move on. The movie aims to bring out the positives of being a family in the new age, it will hurt the people living in the cities.

To know how far away we are from our family even though we are staying in the same house. How much there is to talk, how little we communicate.

The movie is telling a ultimate message but in a smooth soothing manner. You won’t feel it till the end.

The movie Gulmohar is moving on a slow pace. But it might be the right way for a story of this genre.

Acting Performance

Sharmila Tagore who plays as a grand mother gives a stellar performance.

Manoj Bajpayee plays son of Sharmila who at any cost wants to keep the family together shines on.

Simran also gives a decent performance. Other cast members have given notable performance.

Technical Aspects

Camera work is decent and is not letting any scene down.

Even with so many cast members on the screen for the most part of the movie, you can feel the emotion of everyone.

Music and Editing is done in the way so as to have the audience guessing and engaged.

But the drawback of the movie is not all the characters are provided with enough back story for us to connect with them.

The movie concentrates more on the lead actors. So in the movie we do not have the same concern over everyone.


Over all the movie Gulmohar is a good choice for viewing with your family on the weekend. Gulmohar will teach people what they already know but does not want to accept that being a family is everything.

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