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Synopsis: TJMM- Tinni a girl who is in love with Mickey wants to breakup with him. She approaches a specialist break up guide for help. What she does not know is the guide is actually her boyfriend.

Movie Details

MovieTu Jhoothi Main Makkaar (TJMM)
Run Time2 Hrs 30 Mins
CastRanbir Kapoor, Shraadha Kapoor, Dible Kappadia, Anubav Singh Bassia, Hasleem Kaur.
directorLuv Ranjan
ProducerLuv Films, T-Series
MusicSongs- Pritam ; Background Score- Hitesh Sonic
Budget200 Cr (Approx)
Release Date8 March 2023

Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar(tjmm) is a romantic comedy film that centers around Rohan Arora (Mickey) an youngster from a rich business family and Nisha Malhotra (Tinni) a Delhi girl.

The movie TJMM try to bring the modern love story to the big screen. Read further for knowing whether the movie succeeded in its objective.


Mickey comes from a prominent business family in which he is also have a part. He along with his friend Manu Dabbas secretly helping people breakup from their bad relationship.

Mickey on a trip sees Tinni and falls in love with her. With their families approval they are engaged to marriage.

The movie(TJMM) takes a turn when Tinni seeing Mickey’s relationship with his family, does not want to be a part of such a commitment as she loves to have her own space. And she tries to breakup with him.

Tinni turns toward the notorious break up guide, unaware that it is actually micky.

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Review- TJMM

The movie(TJMM) is have a template similar to the Bollywood movies of the previous era. The story and screenplay provides so many laughable moments through out the movie, but the script does the opposite.

The writers of the movie TJMM Luv Ranjan and Rahul Modi wanted to bring the modern love relationship, and its family influences in a humorous way.

The movie TJMM fails in providing a proper story and the screenplay also does not do any justice to the capability of the actors.

Ranbir Kapoor one of the best actor in the industry now has tried his best to lit up the movie, without proper support from other department his actual effort is buried deep in the dirt.

Shraddha Kapoor who returns to the screen after a gap of three years gives a decent performance in the lead role. This is not definitely her best role or performance.

The movie( TJMM ) trying to be more versatile by showing the modern love relationship, friendship, family responsibility, woman empowerment does not succeed in providing any actual feel giving moment in the film.

The story and character development is so thin that even emotional moments are not connectable to the audience.

The first half of the movie( TJMM ) is moves in a fast pace and the second half is some what better than the first half of the film.

The second half provides the better laugh with its situational dialogues and one liners.

The emotional scenes does not provide any interest to the audience, the movie by providing everything in a plate is made a mess of itself.

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Technicality- TJMM

TJMM movie director Luv Ranjan does provide what he was intended. He plays to his best and provides what is worked for him in the past.

But it became to much after some time in TJMM. This is the example to the movie makers that it is imperative that the movies have to provide some thing new each time for making audience engaging.

The music by the Hitesh Sonic is prime plus to TJMM. The movie gets life in every scene and the Back ground music is engaging.

Cinematography of the movie is average and does provide par engaging experience.

The editing is done as per the need of the movie script and good.

The supporting cast gives decent performance. TJMM primarily focuses on the lead actors hence scope for the other actors in the movie eroded considerably.


Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar( TJMM ) is a movie that could have done well in the box office in the past decade is a old formula that is good to watch but does not provide anything new for its audience.

This is the kind of story we were hoping that bollywood would move away from, atleast the way it is portraied.

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